Opera Lafayette is a natural and comfortable fit for me. It’s artistic director, Ryan Brown, holds in the highest regard the musical principles that are so important to recreating, re-imaging some of the finest music performance in the French repertoire. I think he would agree that one should be guided by the intentions of the composer, try to best understand his/her message and then make it believable to a 21st c. culture. I enjoyed creating costumes for “Une Éducation Manqée” and I look forward to being part of the creative team for a work in 2017 for which I’m not at liberty to announce!


Opera Lafayette











REVIEWS of Opera Lafayette “Une Éducation Manquée”

NYTimes: James R. Oestreich, Feb. 7, 2016

“The costumes, designed by Patricia Forelle, were lovely.”

Voce di meche: February 7, 2016

“Costumes by Patricia Forelle were original and colorful. She chose to make them amusing and stylish, rather than scrupulous to the period.”

DCMetro Theatre Arts: Anne Donnelly,  February 3, 2016

“These strong performances are supported by very uncomplicated costuming by Patricia Forelle.”

Parterre.com: John Yohalem, February 11, 2016

“The costumes were chic, the production minimal.”

                                              Opera Lafayette         


Opera Lafayette     


Opera Lafayette